Dr Pauline Rennie-Peyton

Integrative psychotherapist and chartered psychologist Msc. AFBPsS

Integrative psychotherapist and chartered psychologist

Dr Rennie-Peyton is an integrative psychotherapist, chartered psychologist, author, and speaker with many years experience working with human relationships both interpersonal and within organizations. The techniques she uses include EMDR and other trauma treatments plus cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)

She specialises in dealing with harassment and bullying in the workplace as well as in any interpersonal relationships where people who might be having difficulties have to live and work together.

Her services include:

  • Integrative psychotherapy for individuals and couples
  • Counselling for individuals and couples
  • Supervision
  • Harassment investigation
  • Mediation
  • Professional development, mentoring and coaching
  • Policy writing and implementation
  • Training workshops
  • Trauma debriefing
  • Preparing people to face traumatic situations

Please contact Dr Rennie-Peyton directly for more information about her integrative psychotherapy services.