Dr Pauline Rennie-Peyton

Integrative psychotherapist and chartered psychologist Msc. AFBPsS

What to do if you are bullied at work

  • Recognise it and don't ignore it
  • Approach the bully (with a colleague as a witness) and ask them to stop
  • Keep a record of all events, times, dates and witnesses
  • Research your organisation's policy on harassment and bullying at work
  • If the behaviour doesn't stop approach your line manager or HR for help
  • Don't be fobbed off with "Leave it with me, I'll have a word with them."
  • If it doesn't stop put the complaint in writing and go back to HR
  • Do get the support of your family and friends
  • Renounce the idea that only weak people get bullied
  • Don't be tempted to leave your job as a solution

If you witness bullying at work

  • Don't ignore it
  • Point it out to the person who is being bullied
  • Offer to support the person in asking the perpetrator to stop
  • Offer to support the person in reporting the situation to HR
  • Keep a record of what you see and hear
  • If they're too afraid to report the behaviour offer to do it on their behalf
  • Stop colluding with this behaviour (if you do nothing you are colluding)
  • Be prepared to be a witness
  • Be proactive - ignoring it won't solve anything

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