Dr Pauline Rennie-Peyton

Integrative psychotherapist and chartered psychologist Msc. AFBPsS

What to do if you are a bully at work

  • Remember that bullying is about the impact it has and not your intention
  • Don't try and justify it to yourself - nobody deserves to be bullied
  • Your colleagues are not responsible for what has happened to you
  • Get help in changing your behaviour immediately
  • Ask to be sent on a management training course
  • If you are not sure how your behaviour is received by others - ask them
  • Seek counselling or professional development
  • Berating yourself isn't going to help unless you also stop the bullying
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, this takes more courage than carrying on
  • Some behaviours that may once have been acceptable are no longer
  • Policies and mission statements apply to all members of staff equally

How not to be a bully at work

  • Treat everyone no matter what their age, sex or status with respect
  • Don't collude in inappropriate behaviours of others and don't gossip
  • Leave your personal problems at home / don't take them out on others
  • Do take responsibility for your own actions
  • Accept feedback that is both true and unpalatable with good grace
  • Don't take part in nick-naming and stereotyping your colleagues - and make every effort to obliterate that culture throughout the organization
  • Remember that we are all capable of bullying other people

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